Our rates are very competitive!


Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm

We charge £60 for the first hour, then £30 per half hour thereafter per handyman. Any specialist trades (electrician, gas engineer...) may incur additional costs.


Early morning (7:00-8:30am) - Evening (from 5pm) 

We charge £70 for the first hour, then £35 per half hour thereafter per handyman. Any specialist trades (electrician, gas engineers...) may incur additional costs.


No call-out charge or VAT.

The above prices are per (x1) tradesman.

We also offer quotes for any larger jobs (T&C's apply).


Please fill out a contact form or send us an email with a list of jobs and we will get back to you with a rough estimate on how long it should take to carry out the work.

If applicable, materials, consumables (drill bits, saw blades, planer blades, multi-tool blades...) and parts will be charged in addition to the hourly labour rate.


Any parking charges (pay and display, RingGo...), if applicable, will be charged in addition to any fixed price quotes or to the hourly labour rate.


We accept various forms of payment, CASH, BACS, DEBIT & CREDIT CARDS



Rescheduling or Cancelling a booking may incur a fee and are subject to our Terms and Conditions. Please give us 48 hours notice to avoid a fee.


Terms & Conditions:

- Our minimum tradesman booking is ONE hour. All hourly rates are per handyman. Specialist trades may incur an additional fee .

- If you need to reschedule or cancel a confirmed booking, please give us 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. This fee is based on the first hour the appointment was scheduled for.  The customer will be liable for any costs incurred (parking fees or materials purchased in advance).

- All appointments scheduled in writing or by verbal agreement will be subject to these T&C's.

- Our invoice terms: full payment seven (7) days from receipt of the invoice. Failing this, a surcharge of £50 per week will be applied to the outstanding balancing owing until the invoice has been settled in FULL.

- Free quotes are subject to the client being at the property at the agreed time. If keys need to be collected to carry out a quote, this will be subject to the hourly charge.

- All fixed price quotes given in writing will not be subject to our hourly rates.

- Premier Handyman reserves the right to refuse or decline work at it's own discretion.

Hourly work rates: The total charge to the Customer shall consist of the cost of materials supplied by Premier Handyman, and any miscellaneous charges such as parking, consumables, waste disposal fees etc, and the amount of time spent by the operative in carrying out works (including all time spent in obtaining materials), charged in accordance with the Premier Handyman’s current hourly rates.

Quotes & fixed price work shall be given as a firm cost, including Labour & Materials. Time frames given to complete quoted & fixed price work are estimated time frames and shall not reflect the fixed price agreed upon to carry out the work. This is to take in to account any unforeseen circumstances that may arise when the work is carried out. Where a quote/fixed price work has been accepted by a customer, these fixed price/quote terms become applicable.

- Where a written quote has been supplied to the Customer the total charge to the Customer referred to in the quote may be revised in the following circumstances: 

(i) if after submission of the estimate the Customer instructs the Premier Handyman LTD (whether orally or in writing) to carry out additional works not referred to in the estimate.

(ii) if after submission of the estimate there is an increase in the price of materials.

(iii) if after submission of the estimate (before or during the works)  it is discovered that further works need to be carried out which were not anticipated.

- Premier Handyman shall not be bound by any estimates given orally. -

- The Guarantee shall be for labour only in respect of faulty workmanship for 6 months from the date of completion. Any materials installed by Premier Handyman will be guaranteed for 3 months. Upon then, it will be the customers responsibility to contact the manufacturer in regards to any repairs/defective items. The Guarantee will become null & void if the work/appliance completed/supplied by Premier Handyman is: (a) Subject to misuse or negligence. (b) Repaired, modified or tampered with by anyone other than an operative of Premier Handyman. Premier Handyman will accept no liability for, or guarantee suitability, for materials supplied by the Customer & will accept no liability for any consequential damage or fault.

- Premier Handyman will not guarantee any work in respect of blockages in waste & drainage systems etc. Premier Handyman will not guarantee any work undertaken on instruction from the customer & against the written or verbal advice of the operative/engineer. Work is guaranteed only in respect of work directly undertaken by Premier Handyman  and when payment in full has been made.  Premier Handyman shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage or defect resulting from work not fully guaranteed or where recommended work has not been carried out.


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